wsaa + Mitchell Stores

15 years. 8 stores. One ever-evolving multi-channel campaign.

Today, it’s rare to have an advertising client for over well a decade. WSAA was first engaged by the renowned Westport, CT-based luxury retailer in 2008 upon their 50th anniversary – and we are thrilled to report, the rest is history. The Mitchells wanted a campaign that would capture the essence of what sets their stores apart: more than just their stunning edit of men’s and women’s designer fashion: just as importantly, their trusted long-term customer relationships and unique service offerings. Since acquiring the account in 2008, each season, WSAA creates a fresh campaign, produces 12 days of photo shoots and creates brand assets and graphics for use across all channels. WSAA’s branding and design support has played an integral part in the company’s growth from three stores on the east coast (Mitchells in Westport, CT and Huntington, NY and Richards of Greenwich, CT), to also include Wilkes Bashford stores in San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA, three Marios stores in the Pacific Northwest, a NYC atelier and a unique online shopping experience. Our campaigns for Mitchells evolve with the whims of fashion and the world around us, but the signature visual style, brand personality and positioning we’ve created for Mitchells Stores shines through in all executions, as does the strong connection we create with their customer.